Our Tagasaste propagation methods are unique, in that we do not use any pots, bags or trays when growing our seedlings. Having tried and tested different methods over the last 30 years, we have found our specific method gives the best long-term results. Seedlings grown in bags or trays have stunted root systems, and don’t develop the all-important fibrous feeding roots. Such plants often look great for a few years then suddenly die, naturally leaving farmers confused and frustrated. This is why we grow our plants in open raised beds, harvest the seedlings mechanically and pack them ‘bare root’. Our plants are hardy from the start, open to the extreme conditions we experience in our semi-arid region. We prune both the shoots and the roots on a regular basis to encourage lateral growth and hardiness.

Once harvested, we dip the roots in an agricultural jelly and seaweed solution and pack them in bundles of 50 for ease of planting. Please be ready to plant them immediately once your seedlings arrive!


Tagasaste seedlings price*
Price excludes courier services and depends on the number of plants ordered, as well as the delivery address.*
  • R5

*Seed and seedlings can be collected by appointment.